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Wash & Fold

How do we do your laundry? Your laundry is ALWAYS done separately.

How do we do your laundry? Your laundry is ALWAYS done separately. We will sort your clothes by type and color, wash them using your specific instructions and then uniformly fold. All collared shirts and dress pants will be hung on hangers (unless you ask for them to be folded). Socks will be paired together with a partial top fold and yes, even your underwear will be folded. What a joy.

Do you need laundry separated for each person? We can provide laundry bags for each person so everyone's laundry is washed, folded and packaged separately.

And what about your bedding? We have large high quality washers that can handle all your bedding, blankets and comforters. Countless customers sleep better each night knowing WashClub Atlanta has cleaned everything they sleep on including, mattress pads, pillows, sheets, comforters, blankets and spreads. We even make it easy to sleep!

We keep you informed all through the process. Text messages are sent to your phone when our driver is on the way for pickup, when we are on the way to deliver and after delivery is complete.

How do I get started? It couldn't be easier. Use any device with access to the Internet, phone, tablet, computer, or a laptop.

  • Step 1: Add items to your laundry basket (our special name for a shopping cart).

  • Step 2: Tell us all about your preferences. We have all the standard things you may have in your laundry room such as high quality laundry soap, additive free detergent, bleach, liquid fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Simply tell us how you like to have your laundry washed and dried.

  • Step 3: Let us know when your laundry will be ready by choosing your desired pickup time and then we need just 24 hours to deliver your fresh, clean, perfectly folded laundry on your scheduled time. We can deliver when you are home or leave in a specified location. We can deliver to your building concierge or business.

When we deliver your first order we will include a free WashClub Atlanta laundry bag for future orders. One more way we make your laundry easy.

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